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The MOWA app

The orthopedic technician app

With MOWA (for Modular Walking) we have developed a novel, intelligent and modular orthosis system. The MOWA orthopaedic technician app is the digital tool for measuring the patient: 

  • We have optimised the measurement process. You no longer have to take a plaster cast, but can work with the latest digital technology.

  • You record the movement parameters with the so-called Gait Analysis Tool.

  • The procedure is relaxed and comfortable for both you and your patient.

  • The technology-based measurement process ensures a perfect fit of the MOWA orthosis.

  • Thanks to the digital process chain, the orthosis is well documented and reproducible at any time.

  • In the future, the MOWA orthosis will even become smart, because it can be combined with a sensor and an app. This way, you can perfectly accompany your patient's mobility and the implementation of the medically prescribed therapy programmes.

This is how the MOWA orthopaedic technician app works:

  • As a service provider, you analyse your patient's movements with the Gait Analysis Tool and digitally record the affected body parts in their entirety.

  • The data is uploaded to the cloud-based MOWA platform, where it is visualised and dimensioned with the 3D Shape software.

  • Automation and standardisation ensure error-free measurement results.

  • Algorithms calculate the so-called MOWA score from the data and gait parameters and derive the configuration recommendation from this.

  • The orthosis is then displayed with its components and can still be changed if necessary.

The advantages for your patients

  • The orthosis is suitable for children, adolescents and adults. By promoting and rehabilitating the natural movement pattern, it increases their quality of life.

  • MOWA is much more flexible and above all more patient-friendly than conventional orthoses.

  • MOWA is an orthotic system with the integration of machine learning and can be precisely adapted to the patient's individual functional loss.

  • It also takes into account their physical growth and changing motor and muscular abilities. We achieve this with the latest technologies and individually clearly defined modules.

  • Because the orthosis not only fits like a glove, but is also ultra-light, it is a pleasure to wear.

By registering on the MOWA platform, orthopaedic technicians can create a profile and download the MOWA APP free of charge from the App Store.

After successful verification of the entered data by the MOWA team, the MOWA APP is automatically released for the technicians of a listed MOWA fitting centre.

In the future, MOWA technicians, therapists and doctors can work together in a network for successful therapy via the digital infrastructure.


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